Objetivos Licenciaturas

To train professionals in Mathematics, able to collaborate in the solving of problems in the productive, service and academic sectors, in order to to contribute towards developing community in the basic and applied research fields.
To train professionals in the field of Physics, with a comprehensive profile and dedicated to the systematic and scientific study of natural phenomena.
To educate professionals devoted to the study and development of Computational Sciences that contribute to the research, innovation, creation, development, and implementation of new information and communication technologies.
To train professionals with the ability of contribute to the development of models and problem solving in the financial, insurance, pension income and industrial sectors that involve risk.
To train professionals able to create new technologies, in order to be competitive and work in the entertainment business as well as broadcasting.
Train professionals that know the specific sources of problems related to IT security, why do they appear, and how to determine the most adequate solution to prevent and/or control such situations.