Technical Support


The goal of the this department is to give support to the student community, professors and staff by consultancy and support as well as maintain a good functioning of the computer system in the college.




To students:

-To afford academic advice related with problems in different applications used in class.

-To give support for wireless network configuration.

-To give support in problems related with virus spywares, etc.

-To maintain in a proper functioning the computer room equipment.

-To provide the speakers when are required in a class.


To teachers and staff:

-To provide support and solution for problems related with hardware and software through configuration. Reparation and change of equipment parts such as make maintenance service regularly.

-To keep in a proper functioning the red system, voice and data network.

-To keep in proper conditions the equipment used in classrooms.

-To provide support for wireless network configuration.                                                                                                                             

–To give advice in the configuration related with the college e-mail.




Technical support department it is not responsible in the next cases:

-In repair of the computer system in hardware or software which not be property of the college.

-When you came to the department for any advice or support don´t leave there your computer or laptop while you go to class or any other activity.

-The support given is only for problems related with software; we are not responsible if the computer has a failure in the hardware after any advisement received.

-In the case of problems related with compiler at code level there is not any advisement or support, only for the proper functioning of the application.



  • Remember, you can bring your USB to disinfect it.