• Receive window service, phone and/o electronically about requests for specific information of FCFM and/or UANL.

  • Provide logistics and its function for the entrance exam to FCFM.

  • Capture the schedules for allow the registration process as well as re-enroll and new entry and the modifications in the last schedules.

  • Provide the official documents that the students need for verify their activities or status in the School.

  • Provide official information required by other Departments from the FCFM or UANL.

  • Provide the service to the graduate students for the procedure of obtain their title.

  • Provide the procedure for “THE UNREGISTER VOLUNTARILY” for the students of FCFM.

  • Provide the students the necessary information for allow them make their legalization, and in case of they need to carry out the solicitude.

  • Make the appropriate activities for help the postgraduate students to make their enrollment and re-enrollment.

  •  Just in case, provide the procedure of the master’s degree exam only in postgraduate studies.

  • Provide the support for the enrollment in each semester.