Desirable qualities of applicants to this program:

  • Interest on learning about the new computer technologies.
  • Maintain a personal opinion on relevant and interesting topics.

Information addressed to the applicants in Bachelor of IT Security

By: Jose A. Loyola Rodriguez

The rise of the Internet the globalization of industry makes information technology a crucial tool in that process, and its security of the utmost importance.

Different studies reveal how IT security has become an important problem for most organizations; causing productivity and credibility loss. A study indicates that 42% of European companies suffered inactivity as a consequence of computer network security breaches along with economical and image problems. Data loss can be devastating to any organization, mainly when related to intellectual property, reputation, and money.

Based in the Educative Model as well as in the Undergraduate Academic Model of the UANL, the FCFM designed the Educational Program for the Bachelor of IT Security, in order to meet the security necessities demanded by organizations, since the cost of losses derived on security is around 15 thousand million Euros per year.

Since ethics and “doing the right thing” is essential for professionals of this field, applicants for the Bachelor of Security Information Technology ought to have well-founded values. She or he must be dedicated, responsible, visionary, and observant, as well as self-directed learners, since it’s a Bachelor that is continuously changing and updating technology. Moreover he or she should be a leader to impulse an organization in case of implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan.

If you believe you meet the requirements mentioned before, this program is for you. Mexico needs professionals with strong values and excellent performance in this strategic field, so UANL and FCFM are working on it. Welcome!