Student of Actuarial Studies from UANL won first national place in the competition: “The National Investor of 2014” of Networks Terra.


December 15, 2014
Lic. María E. Guajardo

Last November 27, Rogelio Mireles Arredondo, student from 7th semester of the Bachelor of Actuaral Studies received in the Mexican Stock Exchange the acknowledge by Terra Networks and authorities  of BMW for won the First National Place in the competition “The National Investor of 2014”, organized by that company after won the first regional place in the last edition.

Also, Alejandra Aceves Alós, Coordinator of the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and the professor Carlos A. Almaguer Salazar, received acknowledges by University as First National Place and “Tutor of the year” in the same competition.

Rogelio Mireles won the competition between 1,173 students from the whole country. Were assigned to the participants $500 in virtual money, to be invested in shares listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, with which the student obtained a yield superior to 35%.

In addition to the visit to the BMV, live interviews were conducted in studies of Terra Networks, a visit to Infosel, also an interesting journey in the Interactive Museum of Economics (MEAS).