Physics Pato2: Science is also fun.


November 25, 2014
Lic. María E. Guajardo

Last November 20, was carried out inside of The School of Physics and Mathematics’ facilities the event “Physics Pato2”, showing the fun and practical side of science, particularly physics.

More than 50 university students participated as a team supporting students of this School, to receive about 300 students from the primary schools: Prof. Juan Garza Fernandez and Lic. Santiago Roel, as well as the Secondary School No. 18  Cincuentenario de la Expropiación Petrolera.

Were carried out more than 30 experiments of different branches of Physics, among them were, optics, aeronautics, fluids; maintaining the spectators ‘attention always, for capture not only the applied part, also the principles that regulate each one of the phenomena that could happen.

Our guests learned the difference between concave and convex mirrors, fluorescence and phosphorescence and the importance of stereoscopic vision; also they learned how the balloons fly and about the helicopters and airplane’s flight, the science behind soap bubbles, among many other topics.

The Group of Popular Science “Physics Pato2”, appreciates to the Dean of the School Rogelio Juvenal Sepúlveda Guerrero and all the personnel that contributed with the success of this project.