The Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Animation is a professional who knows techniques and socio-cultural and artistic expressions, as well as dominion over development methodologies and information and communication technology maintenance. In addition, he or she knows the structure and components of multimedia, animation, and videogames that allow the evaluation of the performance and compatibility of current platforms with the aim of improving and fostering the creation of different novelty products for the industry.

Specific competences of graduates of this program:

  • Create multimedia, videogames and animation to promote ideas, products, and entertainment by using cutting-edge software for its diffusion through computer, television, radio, and other means.
  • Create useful software as a tool to develop novelty applications in multimedia, animation, and videogames to reduce licensing costs.
  •  Coordinate multimedia development, animation, and videogames to verify the correct implementation of the ideas to be transmitted and the adequate selection of human, technical, material, and financial resources making possible to achieve the stated goals for the project.
  • Evaluate the infrastructure for the development of multimedia applications, animation, and videogames in order to take decisions to optimize the cost and obtain better portability.
  •  Create animation that gives the sensation of life to any kind of characters or objects through a given argument by applying it in industry, education, advertisements, and entertainment areas attracting the spectator’s attention.
  • Build profitable applications and software through the systematic analysis of information market requirements.
  • Create videogames for entertainment purposes by using own and existing platforms based both on personal computers as well as other kind of consoles.
  • Create communication systems which integrate new technological services for the organization


Job Opportunities

  • Design and production of videogames.
  •  Special Effects and Animation in film and television
  •  Applications for real time industrial process simulation
  • E-commerce Web
  •  Multimedia Production in different fields
  •  Hardware, software, scientific, and entertainment application development
  • Virtual Reality Entertainment System
  • Web Server Design and Maintenance
  • Computer Modeling
  •  Film Industry
  •  Television
  • Video Game Industry
  • Motion Comics Production
  • The student is able to create his/her own company