Desirable qualities in applicants to this program:

  •  Interest in Information and Communications Technology and the innovation of graphical expressions
  • The ability to understand, solves, and applies different algorithms for the animation development and graphics by using computers.
  •  Show a service attitude for solving social issues as a whole.
  • Have the ability to be part of an interdisciplinary teamwork in order to face the demands required in the technological, industrial and entertainment fields.

Information addressed to applicants in the Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Animation

By: Rafael Alberto Rosas Torres

Train professionals dedicated to the study and development of multimedia, animation, and videogames to make them join and contribute to the entertainment business by innovating, creating, developing, and implementing new technology or being visionary and creative when designing different products using current technology.

The use of ICT leads to breaking paradigms, which facilitates information access. This allows graduates to work in the entertainment business, taking advantage of its different concentrations.

This program includes in its design the Educative Model requirements; therefore, it includes the areas of: University General Education, Professional Basic Education, Professional Training, Free Election and Elective Subject. On the latter ones, the percentage of courses was reduced in order to attend the student needs of taking courses where they could acquire the essential competences and accomplish the stated goals.

Many students wish to study at UANL, but at the same time, they need to incorporate on the job market as soon as possible. FCFM met these demands and created this program, which lasts 8 semesters. In response to this need and revising some competitive educative institutions, the learning units plan was analyzed. The main goal is to train innovative, creative, and visionary professionals able to design projects related to Multimedia, animation, and videogames. Also, it’s required for them to know the concepts, theories and techniques of graphic design for image creation for the development of projects and developers of graphic and technological solutions that can satisfy mass media requirements. Complying with this demand, fewer elective subjects were needed and thus their percentage was reduced as suggested in the UANL Education Model, Vision 2012.

Since local universities offered shorter bachelor programs, and the needs of the students to be in a program where time is spent only in the acquisition of competences along with the trademark quality of our institution, we shortened this program to 8 semesters, in which the student will obtain the necessary skills for the work field.