Knowledge, experiences and abilities that the student will acquire:

  • The student will have a solid mathematic and statistic formation.
  • Knowledge about secures, actuarial mathematics, pensions and finances.
  • The student will be capable of studying, pose and formulate models of mathematical context, in order to provide information for the planning, prevision and decision making.
  • The student will integrate mathematic and actuarial knowledge in the solving of concrete problems.
  • The student will express in a clear and precise way the ideas, in an oral and written way.
  • The student will use the computing and the computational technology on everyday work.
  • The student will take decisions about actuarial problems.
  • The student will obtain and valuate information.
  • The student will use English language as a mean of communication.


Desirable attitudes in the graduated of the degree:

  • Vocation for community service
  • Cooperation for the work on a multidisciplinary team
  • Critic attitude and openness before the social change, scientific and technologic situations
  • Honesty and high human sense
  • Competence for the resources administration
  • Leadership in projects on the professional field
  • Strong ethical and moral principles with the society


Job opportunities for students and graduate

  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Sector Companies
  • Industries (areas of pension, financial, risk, etc.)
  • Government
  • Universities and Technologic Institutes of high and superior education
  • Investigation and divulgation of science institutes