Physics’ laboratories are the place where the students of FCFM implement their theoretical knowledge about the learning, making practices and research projects; in this way they can develop their experimental abilities which are part of the graduate student.


  • To provide the students the experimental tools which are necessary in his/her training as professional, as well as develop the abilities with respect to the using of materials, handling of mobility equipment and lab instrument.
  • To promote the experimental activity for make easy the comprehension of the physic basic concepts which are seen during classes and contribute with the development of competences and abilities through the practices carried out in each laboratory related with the scientific method.
  • To promote the right using of places, materials, equipment and lab instruments through the student’s tutoring for the planning and execution of the practices.



Basic Physics Labs:

  •  Translational Mechanics Lab
  • Rotational Mechanic Lab, wave and heat transfer
  • Electromagnetism lab
  • Electric power system lab
  • Digital electronics lab


Advanced physics labs:

  • Modern physics lab
  • Thermal physics lab
  • Physical optics lab